Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sennheiser UK Ltd presents scholarship to AMP student

Leading audio manufacturer Sennheiser UK Ltd has presented its second annual scholarship award of £1,500 to Audio and Music Production student Callum Paxton.

The scholarship is presented to students based on their academic performance in the first year and is part of an education partnership agreement between Bucks and Sennheiser.

It was presented following interviews between six shortlisted students and Phil Cummings, Sennheiser’s Marketing Projects Manager, where the students were asked a series of questions.

Callum said: “The money will help pay for recording equipment and to help set up a covers band I am playing with to finance my university studies. I also plan to use the money to finance high-quality and innovative sounds for a website for the covers band.

“It is great that the University has this partnership with a manufacturer of the calibre of Sennheiser and is one of the reasons I feel the university stands out.”

Phil Cummings said: “All of the candidates interviewed well and it was a tough choice to give the scholarship to Callum over the other students.

“Sennheiser is committed to developing the future of audio music production and is proud to be associated with Bucks New University.”

Mr Cummings was assisted by singer Nellie Bell, who is sponsored by Sennheiser, and will be recording in the audio production suites at Bucks New University next month.

She added: “I am extremely impressed by the facilities at Bucks New University and the standard of students. All were enthusiastic and answered the questions well.”

Runners-up Rob Cadman, James Collet, Jim Mitchell, Elliott Newman and Mark Timms each received a pair of Sennheiser HD25 headphones.   

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